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Domestic Violence (cause and effect)

Causes effects of domestic violence

April 2008

Domestic violence is a worrying social and health concern that presents considerable problems regardless of region , nation or culture . Domestic violence refers to the violent acts perpetrated by one individual against the other within the context of the home environment . Usually the victim and the abuser are either related or involved in some kind of intimate relationship . Domestic violence has traditionally been described as physical battery and physical assault . However , in recent years , the characterization of domestic violence has expanded beyond simply physical

abuse , and professionals and survivors alike are beginning to recognize other forms of domestic violence . Domestic violence may take any of several forms and varies from relationship to relationship . Psychological abuse , verbal abuse , sexual abuse , and physical battery are among the forms of domestic violence that have been documented to take place in homes globally (Cheek , Rector Davis 2007

Generally violent acts are perpetrated against women and these are enough cause for concern . In several instances as well women are the abusers . Since such acts are perpetrated within the home and by intimate or former partners (Maziak Asfar , 2003 ) this situation is extremely worrying . In to be able to effectively address domestic violence with effective programs and strategies , policy makers need to be aware of the underlying factors that cause domestic violence as well as develop a knowledge of the characteristics of those who are most at risk as victims

Reports have put forward varying estimates of the prevalence of domestic violence and all of these have suggested that this rate is extremely high (Flake Forste , 2006 . According to data provided by the Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic Violence (TCADSV (2004 , the prevalence of domestic violence lies somewhere between 960 ,000 domestic abuse incidents perpetrated against an ex-spouse , boyfriend , or girlfriend and three million perpetrated between a current spouse , boyfriend , or girlfriend annually . Global estimates are that one in three women experience physical or sexual or sexual abuse . Additionally women are between five and eight times more likely to be abused by their partner Furthermore 85 percent of abusive acts are perpetrated against women with the other 15 percent against men . Statistics from 2001 reveals that 1247 women and 440 men were killed by their partner

However , even given these reportedly high rates , estimates may still be inaccurate and may not give a true picture of the actual situation Flake and Forste (2006 ) acknowledge that actual rates of domestic violence are far higher than estimated particularly because such abuse is often underreported . Domestic abuse victims , they argue , often deny or minimize the intensity of experienced violence . Traditionally domestic violence has been accepted through the belief that a husband has the right to physically discipline his wife in to keep her pure (Fee , Brown , Lazarus Theerman , 2002 . Physical forms of domestic violence , now illegal , are gaining recognition (Hart , 1993 . Governments are begun to acknowledge the deleterious effects of domestic violence and have undergo various studies to understand this complex and...

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