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Domestic Terrorism


1 .In what ways , if any , are American domestic terror groups and international terror groups forging common ties ? Who are their common enemies

The US Department of Defense defines terrorism as the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political , religious , or ideological (Tucker , D , 1997 ,

52 . Most terrorists act as distinct groups because each has different ideological causes it erroneously pursues , sometimes in issues

that are extremely in opposite ends such as left wing and right wing groups or the The Ku Klux Klan and the Black Liberation Army . In cases there are parallel causes among terrorist groups , there is still no clear or evidential links among different types of domestic terrorist groups or domestic terrorist groups with international groups . However , all forms of terrorism being a criminal act and a violation of the laws of the United States are considered as an enemy of the people or the State even if some terrorist attacks are directed only to a particular segment or group

2 . To what extent has the internet become a tool for domestic terror groups ? Where would you strike the balance between freedom of speech and communication via the internet and inciting and organizing violence

Because of its easy accessibility , lack of control and censorship and possibility of anonymity , modern terrorists use the Internet (1 ) to conduct psychological warfare and propaganda through information dissemination of their causes or releasing adverse information against their considered enemy to conduct terror activities by releasing videos of their brutal killings and other support activities such as fundraising and , recruitment or as a channel of real time global communication to coordination their action plans (Weimann , G . 2006

Terrorism poses a serious threat to national security hence the government should aggressively monitor terroristic activities over the Internet by creating an intensive monitoring system to all government information systems . It should forge closer links and coordination with Internet Service Providers based in the US to monitor and report suspected terrorist activities . On the other hand , the government can also create more stringent policies to protect privacy of citizens by increasing compensation for any damages for mistaken terrorists so that the government will be extra cautious in committing mistakes

3 . Explain how domestic terror organizations rely heavily on common criminal activities to conduct their business . What are some of the common crimes most associated with domestic terrorism ? provide examples

Domestic terrorism pertains to US based terrorist groups that operate exclusively within the United States boundaries . Domestic terrorist groups are associated to criminal subculture in terms of crimes like robbery , theft and drug trafficking as the principal means to source funds for their operations . The criminal underworld is also the main source of terrorists to recruit members who are willing to conduct terror activities . For instance , the staunch leader of white supremacy Richard Butler recruited its skinhead members from...

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