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Domestic Terrorism Essay Questions

Domestic terrorism Essay Questions

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In what ways , if any , are American domestic terror groups and international terror groups forging ties ? Who are their common enemies provide examples to support your answer

The threat of domestic is becoming a more serious concern for national security . Many domestic terror groups are now forging ties with international terror groups in conspiracy to commit terror attacks Many of the domestic terror attacks are in fact directed by some foreign

or international terror groups , utilizing domestic terror groups a san arm to advance common goal against a common enemy . In the same way , in to facilitate their terror motives , international terrorism are now building ties with local and domestic terrorists . This allows them to carry out preparatory and even intelligence investigations in support of their actions . In the Philippines for example , the alleged attacks by a local terror group , known as the Abu Sayaff , are believed to have ties with the international terror group responsible for the September 11 attacks . IN addition , in the September 11 incident , the federal Bureau of Investigation has implicated a number of local and domestic terrorist to have worked in conspiracy with the international terrorists in to carry out the terror attacks . In most instances , the government has always been the target of domestic and international terror groups . In the United States , the reported terror attacks , both by international and domestic terror groups , are believed to have been in disappointment of the present administration

To what extent has the internet become a tool for domestic terror group Where would you strike the balance between freedom of speech and communication via the internet and inciting and organizing violence How aggressive should law enforcement authorities monitor the activities of suspected domestic terror groups on the web ? Would your position remain the same if you knew that federal authorities would then be empowered to enhance their monitoring of you

The Internet has been a useful tool in communication , commerce and in National Security . However , it cannot be avoided , that as a technology that started during the Wars , the Internet is also being used by some terrorist in to carry out its objectives . For example , some hate groups are using the Internet to circulate messages and communicate disgust and disappointment against the federal government . Today , with the pending threats of terrorism , countries are joining hands in an effort to crack down known terrorists . Anti-terror policies and laws have been passed and implemented to fight terrorism . For example , in the Philippines , a known anti-terror nation , the legislative department by virtue of the power of the president has passed and approved a new anti-terror law . However , despite its passage , its implementation is held in suspension because of a number of criticisms against the said law . There have been questions against the alleged violation of privacy of communication on the manner by which the law permits the authorities to wire-tap phone...

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