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A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen


The Antagonist in Ibsen 's Doll 's House

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Sara Niazi

English Literature (subject code


Antagonism has been inevitably the most essential element of any of the literary genre over the period of history . With the passage of time the perspective of antagonism has also been changed from the objective to subjective and the canvas of adversaries has been mystified to the extent of absurdity where the antagonist is not even identified to let

br the protagonist battle for survival . In Doll 's House ' Henrik Ibsen exploits the means of a drama to expose his contemporary social dilemmas that led the individuals suffer the obscure complexities of living a normal life . The main characters are seen to be the victims of the norms and beliefs of the society which erupted from the mindset of the preceding era . Such intricate aspects of the socio-economic scenario have been exposed through the most subtle psycho-emotional predicaments of the characters

The Antagonist in Ibsen 's Doll 's House

The role of antagonism or an antagonist in a piece of a literature is like a fuel to an engine . The plot of a drama or any fiction may not be able to develop unless it is provided with some solid grounds of conflict which is generally caused by the antagonist who can either be a character , situation , natural calamity , super-naturals or even the circumstances in which the characters dwell . The antagonist of the early literary works , like `Miracle Plays ' were the deadly sins and in Shakespeare the antagonist is even more mystified as the conflict arises from within the hero through his one fatal flaw termed as `hamartia And thus in the modern literature the antagonism is further confounded with the absurd school of thought which nullifies the concept of belief and leaves the human suffering Every writer has tried to capture the subjective and objective point of view of the masses of his times which theless represent the impact of the social system of his time . The antagonism in a fiction also represents the inevitable outbreak of the negative force in repulsion of the suffocating religious or social conventions and beliefs , thus at times the antagonists are also justified

If we have to identify the type and form of antagonism in Henrik Ibsen 's plays we ought to study a few essential aspects that are very strongly related to his behavior of intellect . One of the most important factors for Ibsen 's disparaging impulse for his social system , vividly shown in his works was the feministic cult that was showing signs of eruption amongst the masses in the late nineteenth century . Secondly , the geographical factor of the Scandinavian region for its six months period of nights and days brought a bleak and depressing impact on the minds of the people of that region . On the other hand the developing social standards of the Scandinavian region also dissected the society into...

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