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Paper Topic:

Does a single mother household have a effect on juvenile delinquency?


Single Mother Household and the Effect on Juvenile delinquency

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Background of the Study

It is during the period of the 1960s that the concepts of the single mother ' and that of the female-headed household ' are introduced into the public scene (Bose , 2001 . This brought into the frontier the female part of the population who has given birth to their children and is without a spouse (Bose , 2001

. Consequently , it placed the widows out of the scene (Bose , 2001 . It is defined in the book , The Japanese economy (2000 , that a single-mother household is a household that is composed solely of a female between the ages of 20 and 60 without a spouse at present (p . 77

This is a phenomenon that is considered to be normal in the present-day society . The trend of the families today is starting to accommodate the numbers of single-mother households within the scale . However , there are several implications that are seen to arise amidst this situation . This includes the possibility of delinquency among the children belonging to households which are headed by single mothers

The situation is complex with the additional burden of the financial condition that single mothers have to bear . It is seen that most of the single-mother households become impoverished especially when support from the father of the child is not sufficient or is absent (Florsheim 2000...

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