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Divorce and its consequences

Divorce and Its Consequences page 1

Divorce and Its Consequences


Among the many problems attacking the families today , divorce is one of the biggest and most stressful dilemmas that families have to face . In the verge of technology and industry progress , the family faces a lot of adjustment problems . At times , these problems bring the whole home down to pieces

But as it is accepted in the modern times , many who wrote about divorce say that divorce doesn 't have any victims or that it is nobody 's fault

at all . Many parents have been eased down the road to divorce by a few widely touted clichys . They believe on the idea saying : Divorce is better for the kids than an unhappy marriage just wait until the children are `the right age ' to spare them any pain kids bounce back from the trauma after only a couple of years . Yet , the surveys and psychological studies around the world state opposite conclusions about the matter basing from actual results

Some have bolstered these optimistic notions . For example , authors Susan Gettleman and Janet Markowitz discount the myth of the damaged child ' They assert that divorce need not be traumatic for children as long as the parents `handle it maturely ' They even argue that a parental divorce may help children to cope with their own divorces some day ! They claim : The real objects of reform ought to be the institution of marriage and the myth of domesticity itself (The courage to divorce . But the question is , is it really true that divorce has no dreadful effects to the people involved in it , namely the members of the family

What is Divorce

A marriage counselor describes divorce as a painful experience for any family undergoing a supposed unresolved ' problem . Many psychologists say that divorce is one of the

Divorce and Its Consequences page 2

biggest factor causing individuality or personality problems among children today . However it may be described , divorce can be simply defined as the separation of the two most important foundations of the family , the father and the mother , the married couple

Usually , the disagreement between two married couples starts with a very small argument that turns into a big problem . Later on , this problem becomes so clouded that the real root of the unwanted situation is already hard to resolve . And because of the ease brought about by separation , as these married couples believe at the time , they decide to part ways . Aside from this , the family code of many countries around the world makes it easier to for divorce than to stay together in a family of constant quarreling and arguments . Many couples say that divorce brings to them peace of mind , something they couldn 't have if they would stay together for a long time . As a result the divorce rates around the world to day soars high

Among the many couples that resort to divorce according to the surveys are young couples who also entered...

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