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Diversion Program

Prison-Free Juveniles Advocacy

Prison-free Advocacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the diversion of juvenile delinquents . Our primary goal is to redirect children while at the adjudication stage from entering prison or the Criminal Justice System to a more humane , productive and progressive program . Big and isolating prisons run by prison guards do not lead to real rehabilitation but instead lead only to violence , abuse and neglect (The Solution . We strongly believe in the importance of intervention and prevention

Our organization name emphasizes our support to Juvenile offenders being prison-free . We

are strong advocates of rehabilitation instead of imprisonment . We believe that as much as children need to be prison-free , prisons should also be children-free . Advocacy is very important because it does not stop in the creation of a program , but it continues on until the implementation and well into the maintenance of the program . It is a continuous process and the fight to retain what has been achieved will always be there

Mission /Vision Statement

By being true advocates against imprisonment of children , we redirect children from getting into prison to a diversion program that helps juvenile delinquents get a new lease on life through proper guidance specialized education , proper health care , peer group dynamics , family support and skill enhancements or trainings

We will continue our advocacy until the statistics of juvenile crimes or misdemeanors decrease to the minimum possible degree and until Rehabilitation Centers Strategies

Early Intervention as a diversion program is very important in the rehabilitation of a delinquent . It is when we establish the specific and unique needs of an individual and tailor our treatment or assistance to those needs . Diversion should ideally occur at the earliest stages of juvenile justice processing , to refer a youth to necessary services and prevent further involvement in the system (Powell Skowyra , 2006

Prison-Free Juveniles Advocacy targets children who committed petty crimes or misdemeanors . There are existing Diversion Programs in and out of the confines of the prison but we decided to focus on children We concentrate on the adjudication stage and we offer our program as an alternative to imprisonment or criminal sanctions . Instead of sentencing the child to a Youth Correctional Facility , the child will be placed under the diversion program . There are guidelines to be followed . The guidelines include severity of the offense or crime and the criminal history of the child . If the offense is considered a minor misdemeanor under the law and if the child does not have prior arrests due to a serious crime , the child will be placed in a diversion program instead of sentencing to serving time in prison

We coordinate with other groups like schools , community services private companies , friends and family for the needed provisions . Being a non-profit organization , we don 't have much reserve funds so we put up events or fundraising activities in to support the costs . We also do media campaigns for wider coverage of our concerns and we educate people by forming group discussions in...

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