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Distant View of a Minaret

Alifa Rifaat is a well-known writer in the Arabic world . Originating from Egypt , she was capable of writing about the everyday episodes of life among ordinary Egyptian families . In most points , her dedication is more toward the role and life of a woman struggling for personal independence and understanding on the part of men . This is why , based on Rifaat 's short story Distant view of a minaret , the feelings and desires of an Egyptian married woman have transformed into a more distinct personal intimate intentions but not change as related to relationships

br with a husband

The story is an explicit evaluation of short scene in a life of a family which follows the prescriptions of Qur 'an in everyday life . They are in marriage for a relevantly long period of time , but the main heroine is still dissatisfied in her sexual relationships with husband . Such a brief evaluation makes the whole observation of contemporary Arabic reality as referred solely to fulfill personal needs of men . However , in the first half of the twentieth century a so-called interposition of first feminists was in the evidence in Egypt due to Huda Shaaravi Turning back to the reality drawn up by Alifa Rifaat , little had changed since that time . Men are still inclined to put their women to shame as though it should be taken for granted initially . On the other hand , one should take notice of sincerity in intentions of the majority of married women who do not find harmony , satisfaction...

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