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Discussions: #1: Ideal and Real Culture/ #2: Social Problem

Running Head : SOCIOLOGY

Sociology Discussion Questions


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Sociology Discussion Questions

Discussion 1 - Ideal and Real Culture

Ideal culture is a representation of beliefs , practices , traditions moral standards , values , and other material or non-material culture that a society acknowledges to have or hold . Ideal culture is society 's basis of standards regarding cultural practices and principles that should be practiced by society . On the other hand , real culture represents what society actually implements as its actual culture . Real culture may or

may not adhere to the ideal culture upheld by society . The real culture of society determines its compliance to the ideal culture that it endorses (Kendall , 2005

In the United States , there is a distinct line that divides its ideal and real culture . For instance , the country supports equality for all It supports equal opportunities in all aspects such as education , health care , political involvement , occupation , and such , despite race ethnicity , social status , economic status , or gender . It also supports democracy and freedom for its citizens . Another specific American culture is how they see adulthood in terms of chronological age . Once a minor becomes 18 , he achieves independence and adult responsibilities This age is an ideal chronological age to detached oneself from the family and become self-determining as an individual . America 's ideal culture is also represented by the realization of what they dub as the American Dream ' This dream is supposed to represent what life should be not only in terms of culture , but every aspect of life . These advocacies of the nation is considered an ideal culture , because it represents an idyllic utopia where people are given equal rights , but in reality , prejudice and discrimination is prevalent in the country

In reality , religious institutions refuse to accept members from specific racial or ethnic groups , and until today , gender discrimination still exists especially in business and politics as the male gender dominates these fields of industry . Second , democracy and freedom is not made available to all . Perhaps , this is highly influenced by lack in equal opportunities for the nation 's citizens . Third , the legal age of 18 wherein the independence of an individual is attributed is unreliable . It disregards emotional maturity and readiness , making the ideal culture of the legal age questionable and unattested when applied in real culture . Fourth , the so-called American Dream ' is unattainable for some , if not for all (Naylor , 1998

Discussion 2 - Social Problem

Perhaps the most important social problem that the next United States president should focus on is inequality . This concerns inequality due to bias , prejudice , discrimination and such . Resolving these issues will help in strengthening the relationship between people and fortify nation-building for progress and development . I believe the thing that keeps the country from moving forward is the unresolved differences between the people worsened by egocentricity , and most especially ethnocentricity

The point of the matter is how the next president can expect the support of the people if they themselves are unable to work into harmonizing...

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