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Discussion of the Dispossession of Lolitas sexuality in Vladimir Nabokovs `Lolita`

(Nabokov 193

Humbert deprives Lolita of every possibility of salutary contact with males her own age . In fact he deprives her of performing any and all activities that will drive her away from his desires for addictive gratification . Part of this is his fear that Lolita will tell other people the kind of life thay have whenever they are together Participation in school theatricals becomes a particular source of tension for Humbert . This issue is resolved , in typical fashion , by an unusually exciting favor . During a visit to her school , Humbert comes

br to a classroom where Dolly is quietly studying in the company of another girl . I sat beside Dolly .and unbuttoned my overcoat and for sixty-five cents plus the permission to participate in the school play had Dolly put her inky , chalky , red-knuckled hand under the desk (Nabokov 198

The aforementioned statements really explained how Lolita is lacking in power over her sexuality . Her will is always governed by Humbert in the truest sense of the word . Although it is apparent in the book that Humbert is very much in (what he defines as ) love with Lolita . He adores her with all his might and loves her with everything she does . However he is knowledgeable she does not feel the same way . Any time Lolita can go away from her so he tries to do everything in to keep her . He must possess her , both in body and mind . Thus , too much of his possession of Lolita 's sexuality derives from his love for her . He cannot seek for any ways to maintain Lolita 's obedience and closeness to him other than fully possessing her

Three or four miles out of Wace , I turned into the shadow of a picnic ground where the morning had dumped its litter of...

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