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Discussion and Critique of Disneys Pocahontas

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Discussion and Critique of Disney 's Pocahontas

Stereotypes are simply assumptions and generalizations that people make concerning a particular group . In most cases , these generalizations are often negative and are used to discredit and demean the target group . In the United States of America they have been in use since colonial times and are used to propagate racism . These stereotypes are spread by various methods such as in paintings , plays , comedies and films like in the case of Disney movies where the

same is expressed through animated films such as Pocahontas , the Little Maiden among others . To narrow down the scope of this essay , the will specifically focus on how Disney films depict stereotypes of the Native Americans in the film Pocahontas

In most of the Disney films , stereotyping is a subject that cannot be ignored . It has in many of their films been depicted as negative towards the Native Americans although in some cases they have been depicted as positive like in the case of Pocahontas . Most of these stereotypes are expressed by use of animated characters to represent various groups for example , women and young girls have been portrayed as oversexed especially those with big breasts and thin waists . Disney in the film Pocahontas though not overtly expressing the negative stereotypes that are found in the previous movies replicates some of them in a concealed manner while at the same time trying to portray other positive ones Unlike in the previous films...

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