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Paper Topic:

Discuss your career plans and goals, the influence of your work experience on them, and the reasons it is important for you to undertake this graduate program at this time.

Masters of Science in Accounting Program Admission Statement

Knowledge is seen to be one of the aspects that remain as reasonably permanent in this world . Hence , in light of my personal and professional experiences , it is seen as a strong foundation that is composed of strengthened and solid bricks . Although there are particular stepping stones that I have started with regard to my educational growth and development , I still see the need for pursuing further studies in the accounting program in addition to the ones that I already have

theless , as an

aspirant in such nature of business , it has come to my understanding that such endeavour will never be an easy task but is rather a long road of travel filled with several challenges . Likewise , I truly understand the value and significance of knowledge as the main key towards the achievement of my dream in this line of work . In this regard , I truthfully believe that receiving formal studies in the accounting program would make me more equipped and prepared for my future career and personal goal

With the current work experiences I have , my future has become more defined and is guided towards achieving success in this industry I am most passionate about . My future personal and career goal is to become one of the successful persons in the business world . Hence , pursuing a master of science in accounting has become an integrated part of my personal goal as a preparation in achieving my future career plan and...

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