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2. Discuss the various functions of doctrine in religion according to Ninian Smart by reference to Confucianism, Buddhism, or Judaism.

Running Head : Functions of Doctrine in Religion

Functions of Doctrine in Religion

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Functions of Doctrine in Religion

Since centuries , religious scholars and experts have endeavored to propose an understandable interpretation of religion . In this regard one of the theories presented to define and explain religion has been proposed by Ninian Smart , who provided his model of religious dimensions . In specific , he has tried to provide an explanation of religion by categorizing it in the practical , experiential , narrative doctrinal , ethical , social , and material dimensions

. In specific , this will discuss the doctrinal dimension of religion according to Ninian Smart (Smart , 1999 ) and will endeavor to understand its functions while relating it to different religions of the globe

In brief , doctrinal dimension of the religion plays a significant and imperative role in underpinning different aspects of religion . It is noted that since centuries , doctrines have been used to complement and support narratives and teachings in a number of religions around the globe . For instance , absence of Buddha would have resulted in elimination of Buddhism from the face of earth however , doctrinal dimension of Buddhism represented Buddha as a living existence in the world , and that motivated its followers to continue their religious practices , as taught by Buddha himself (Smart , 1999 ) Similarly , a number of religions have used the doctrines to prove their belief systems , as doctrines portray symbolic and mythological expressions to articulate its teachings that allow religions to continue their existence , which is one of...

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