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Discuss the theme of loneliness in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Loneliness and abandonment in John Steinbeck 's novel Of Mice and Men

The theme of loneliness , anxiety and abandonment can be described as one of the important topics in literature . The fact that a person is alone in this world has also been widely depicted in existentialist philosophy which claims that there is no reason why a person is being brought to this world where there is no happiness waiting for him . The alienation of individual human beings who pursue their own desires in estrangement from the actual institutional workings of the

society also determines alienation in the society . Most painfully , it 's possible to point out that all of the personal human relations are poisoned by the feelings of alienation from any other . John Steinbeck 's novel Of Mice and Men ' reflects the loneliness of American laborers who struggle against it but whose dreams get destroyed by cruel reality . He novel 's impressive scope and sophistication attract the reader 's attention from the first words . In an engaging and accessible style it shows the main events which happened in the life of the main characters . Anxiety pervades the whole novel , and it depicts how the meaninglessness of the existence fills the laborers with anxiety and despair , a sense of hopelessness and deep depression

The main characters of the novel George and Lennie seem to overcome loneliness by being together , but it 's just a form of self-deception for their alienation cannot be overcome . George says .guys like us that work on ranches , are the loneliest guys in the world . They got no family . They don 't belong no place .With us it ain 't like that . We got a future . We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us HYPERLINK "http /www .bookrags .com /notes /omam /QUO .htm " \l "6 " Chapter 1 , pg . 13-14 . Even though Lennie is completely dumb and cannot understand much of what George is saying , he keeps at least some company . They want to be together because this makes them feel wanted and not abandoned by everyone . The relationship between George and Lennie turns out very controversial . The greatest irony is that , despite of struggling hard , they are destined to have this feeling of alienation for the rest of their lives , and the anguish they have is the underlying , all-pervasive , universal condition of their human existence .The author doesn 't represent George and Lennie as foils , on the contrary , they are depicted as characters completing the life of each other . The life George and Lennie lead , along with lots of other people like them , moving all over the country , never knowing anyone very long is extremely lonely . The peculiar kind of friendship George and Lennie share appears unusual to other laborers . Slim remarks on their peculiar kind of friendship 'Ain 't many guys travel around together .I don 't know why . Maybe ever 'body in the whole damn world is scared of each other " HYPERLINK "http /www .bookrags .com /notes /omam /QUO...

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