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Discuss the nature of the byronic hero

Introduction "She Walks in Beauty " by George lord Byron is a love poem (though not strictly because it is more of celebratory about a woman 's ) about an attractive woman and all of her outstanding features . The poem is constructed from a perspective which lets the reader to set a rhythm through the poem . For example look at She walks / in beau / ty like the night ' By following this rhythm the reader is able to discover the features of the woman 's beauty . These features have an internal dimension as well as an

external one . The poem further focuses on a woman whom he compares with several aspects of beauty through a dramatic shift in tone from beginning to the end of the poem . This s explores into the nature of the Byronic hero in this poem . The character nature of the hero and the outstanding features are better understood by looking at the features of the woman first as a matter of importance


The woman in the poem walks in beauty and the persona judges her basically on her personal merits . She has positive qualities which are extolled although the poet alludes that the woman has a silhouette image on one side which is also attractive too . At the start , the poem begins with a comparison of the beauty of the woman to a starry cloudless night . The poet candidly shares this when he says , .all that best of dark and bright / Meet in her aspect and her eyes . This kind of beauty reveals the woman as having a intricate and multifaceted splendor which is not just an ordinary romantic beauty

That still is not enough if you don 't consider the fact that the woman has kind of superficial beauty which is surpassed by another or other kinds of beauty . This beauty beyond the surface is revealed in her pure thoughts and feelings , her innocence , her passivity and her nameless grace

The hero clearly and selflessly brings out the physical beauty of the woman by creation of direct comparison of the woman with physical visual aspects like the stars and the night which are compared with the vale The outer lovely visible beauty or appearance , the persona claims , is a symbol of the woman 's inner splendor and purity

Another special quality in the woman is that the heaven is able to identify her . She is visible like the cloudless night and splendid like the stars . The nature of this woman is brought out through constant use of imagery and rhythmic tones thus bringing out a strong evaluation of the character in terms of the physical world

Amazing is the fact that despite all this characteristic beauty of the woman the persona who stands to be hero appears to be very sensitive as to see all these features in the woman and intelligent too . In addition this hero seems to be respectful and smitten by the absolute elegance of the woman . By bringing out all the...

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