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Paper Topic:

Discuss the meaning of virtues and values

Running Head : Virtues and Values






Virtues can be defined as those characteristics that are valued as they promote individual as well as collective well-being , and are thus considered to be good . Virtues are perceived to be forms of moral excellence or qualities that are beneficial . Traditionally , virtues are described as the characteristics that set good individuals from bad ones . Virtues are those traits or beliefs that guide people into acting the way they do (Peterson Seligman , 2004 . Virtues such as justice would

guide a person who has it to act fairly in all their endeavours while honesty prevents people from indulging in activities of corruption or theft and act in ways that are honest . A virtue can also be described ass that energy or influence that operates in individuals and which does not necessarily need them to be in contact with sensible substance or the material (Peterson Seligman , 2004 . They are attitudes that are noble which spring from a person 's heart hence are easy to apply in any situation that the individual faces

Virtues are however not ends in themselves but means to the end Rather , values are the ends . It is not really easy to explain what virtues are and are mostly confused with values . Virtues are based more on feelings and are hence non-linguistic (Hurka , 2001 . An individual could explain their actions or approach to situations and life in general by saying that they act in accordance to the dictates of their...

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