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2. Discuss the lessons you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience. Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians.

Virginia Colony finally paid off by 1617 . By this time , the colonists were exporting 50 ,000 pounds of tobacco to England a year and were beginning to generate enough profit to ensure the economic survival of the colony . The discovery that tobacco could be grown profitably gave it new lease on life and , as the colony shifted to agriculture , its permanence was guaranteed

Amidst the newly discovered potential of cultivating tobacco , another problem remained to be unsolved the problem concerning the colonials relationship with the Indians . Another thing of great import which

br should be noted about John Rolfe is that he indiretly paved the way for temporary peace between the Early English settlers and the Indians . It should be noted that in the temporary peace which ensued John Rolfe also had a hand . A great decision in his personal life helped ease Jamestown 's relationship with the Indians , which had deteriorated since Smith 's exit . During the period of Smith 's leadership , he employed more peaceful methods in dealing with the natives , consisting only of threats and an occasional hut-burning to show toughness . His successors however favored extreme violence in the form of massacres to show that they mean business . In one such occasion , they lead one nighttime attack , wherein the English killed 15 men , burned their village , and captured and murdered their queen and her children . The Indians responded with attacks of their own . Amid the strife , the English took a hostage - not an ordinary hostage , but Powhatan 's daughter Pocahontas The Indian attacks immediately subsided . While the princess remained in custody , Rolfe got Dale 's permission to marry her . In April 1614 - the year he first sent tobacco to London - Rolfe and Pocahontas wed in the Jamestown church .Because of this union , a temporary peace came to be...

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