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Discuss in detail your short and long-term career goals. how will a northesatern MBA, combined with your past experiences and interests, help you achieve your goals? which Northeastern MBA career track (finance,marketing, or supply chain management) will

I have completed my undergraduate studies from Northeastern University and have majored in Finance and Management . Currently , I am planning to pursue my MBA /MS in Finance from the same university and build my career thereon in the field of Finance and Management

During my undergraduate studies at the University I have encountered various people and have had the opportunity to gain first hand experience by visiting Boston Consulting Group and Wellington Management during the Co-Op programs . The Co-op program of NU has helped me achieve first hand knowledge and experience of

work life apart from imparting in me the concept of the practical world assisting in my development for the practical life that I would need to step in after my graduate studies

I have developed my short and long term goals for my career path which will enable me to gain not only first hand experience of work and office life but will also assist in objectively attaining milestones in my career goal towards becoming the CEO of a well-reputed financial institution

My short term goal towards my career goal is to pursue and complete my MBA /MS Finance magna cum laude , which will enable me to obtain a good job on the lowest rung on my career path . Along with that , I plan to gain first hand experience through the Co-Op program offered by Northeastern University so that I can discover my career potential and strengthen my financial skills before stepping in the practical life as such . Additionally , I have planned to specialize in the field of Finance from NU during my course of study which will sharpen my financial skills and build in me the ability to critically analyze the strength of an entity financially . Achieving my short term goal will enable me to step on the first rung of my career ladder since my skills and experiences gained during my stay at NU shall be suited to obtain an entry level position in a financial institution of good repute

My long term goal is my vision and this is how I view myself as in the next ten to fifteen years . I plan to advance in my career path in to achieve my long term goal of being the CEO of a well-reputed financial institution . In to accomplish this level of success , I would have to work hard to obtain my short term goals with not only determination but also the highest level of success possible . This would assist me in obtaining a relatively better entry level position which can place me in the path of success . Moreover , with each step , I shall focus on hard work and utilizing my skills learnt at the University in to attain success . With my knowledge learnt from the course material , and my practical experience learnt through the University 's Co-Op program , I am quite sure that success would be at my finger tips

Discussing my experiences and interests , I shall only state that through out...

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