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Paper Topic:

Discuss the characteristics of minority group status; different ways in which groups become minorities (discuss numerical and social meaning); and the consequences of minority group status.

Running Head : Minority Group Status






Minority Group Status


A minority group refers to a subordinate group whereby the members do not have enough control over their lives and do not have power to effectively fight for their rights . A minority group is inferior and is usually dominated by the rest , who are usually the majority group . The minority group experiences rather few opportunities to pursue their goals since education , success and wealth is limited to them . Such opportunities are disproportionately

very low when compared to their population within the society (Feagin , 2000

Characteristics of Minority Group Status

A minority group has a number of characteristics which distinguish them from the majority group . The characteristics make them stand out from the rest and become easily identifiable . One characteristic of the members of the minority group is that they have distinguishing cultural or physical traits , for example skin color (physical ) and language (cultural . A good example is Blacks in countries which are largely dominated by Whites . Another characteristic is that they usually face unequal treatment and have less power and therefore are not in full control of what goes around them . Mostly , the members claim of receiving unfair treatment and are constantly discriminated against (Peter Trauttman , 2006

In extreme cases , the members may be denied their rights to access certain resources , for , example , having recreational facilities strictly for majority group and restricting the minority group from accessing them . The third characteristic is that the members do not belong to the minority group by choice . The membership is therefore involuntary and no one can be compelled to remain a member or give up the membership since it is through race , power or even law that a person finds himself or herself belonging to the minority group . The fourth characteristic is that there is usually a high degree of awareness of subordination as well as a strong sense of solidarity among the members . The last characteristic is that , the majority group is high characterized by in-group marriages due to their close association and collaboration (Jacob , 2005

Different Ways in Which Groups Become Minorities

There are various ways in which groups become minorities numerically and socially . Numerically the minority group is judged by virtue of being few in numbers , for example , racial whereby the members are classified on some obvious characteristics , such as skin color . These characteristics are visible . For instance , Racial minority groups in US American Indian , Blacks , Hawaiians and Asian Americans . Socially , the minority group is judged on the basis of inferior culture , faith , or belief as in gender , ethnic and religion (Jacob , 2005

Ethnically , the groups are classified on cultural basis , such as food and language . Ethnic Minority Groups in US include Latinos and Hispanics such as Puerto Ricans , Chicanos and Cubans . The Jews are also part of the cultural minorities . In terms of gender , males are usually the social majority and women are the social minority . In religion , the minorities are the members who do...

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