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Discuss the changes between the historical and anthropological perspectives of Italian family life from 1250-1500 in Tuscany, Italy

The Influence of Culture on Tuscan Families Between 1250-1500

For many , the word Tuscany conjures up images of olive trees , vineyards Chianti and remarkable works of art . It 's a romantic place with picture perfect landscapes and ancient churches and villages . Tourists from all over the world visit Tuscany each year to take in the sights , tastes and sounds of its glorious culture . Their visit is enhanced if they are familiar with the area 's colorful history , which reaches far into the past and continues throughout many , many cultural changes that make up

br its present . This essay employs political , religious , judicial and class stories from the region 's vivid history to help us form a picture of what family life in Tuscany may have been like from 1250 to 1500

It was , by all accounts , a great time to live in Tuscany . The region developed its own status after the Roman empire fell , when a series of rulers emerged to take control . By the twelfth century the Tuscan cities were gradually gaining their independence as republics and forcing the nobility to live in the cities (Van Helden 2 . The land was fertile and the opportunity for various businesses was great . Most importantly , a class system developed that valued hard work over noble birth . Those high in the hierarchy lived within the same communities as the working class . The elite families that did control the power over the next few hundred years made decisions that would ultimately dictate everything from family tradition to fine art and literature

In the late Middle Ages , just around the fourteenth century , a simple political system was in place . In Italy , there was no political union but the country was divided into many different town councils (www .greatdante .net , 2 ) As with many democratic societies of past and present , there were various political parties . Here in Italy , these were called the Guelfi and the Ghibellini . The Guelfi , a group held in favor of the Pope rather than the Emperor , held the majority of the power in the country . This party was especially popular in Florence , where it was separated into two subgroups : the whites (bianchi , in favor of the emperor ) and the blacks (neri , in favor of the Pope . The years around 1300 were the ones in which political fights between whites and blacks became stronger and more dramatic (www .greatdante .net 4

At this time , Italy was not culturally or politically unified , which led to a variety of subcultures within Tuscany . There were many different Italian dialects to choose from . A family 's language might have been based on their geographic location , their religion and their political views . For the most part , this diversity did not lead to violence Instead , it seemed to benefit the region . In addition to the renowned artwork of the time , some of the world 's best such as Dante Petrarch , and Macchiavelli found inspiration in the conflicting viewpoints of the Tuscan communities

In a space of fifty years , during...

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