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Discuss the changes to the American Presidency and foreign Policy after 1890

Herbert Hoover . The Great Depression began when the stock market crashed in October and the remnants of it were felt all the way until World War II . The government was no longer hands off they felt that they had to manipulate the flow of money in to calm the tide . Not only did they begin to inflate credit in to control the flow of money domestically , but they also tried to manage the money abroad . They were no longer willing to wait on war debt repayments from allies they wanted them to be

paid immediately America was hurting for money and they finally looked outside of their bs for it . The automobile industry suffered just as the banks did GM took a hit because their vehicles were more expensive than some of the others but they did try to make purchases easier for their customers . They had to do whatever they could to stay afloat . Hoover did not understand the depression . He did exactly what he wanted to do when he took office he "hit the floor running " He did things that Coolidge had feared he came in and began making changes when things seemed to be working well . He spent a lot of money , especially on public works . He built the Hoover Dam and the San Francisco Bay Bridge During the Depression , Hoover was frivolous . He seemed to make decisions at the drop of a hat , some which were detrimental . He controlled banks in an effort to reduce the amount of bankruptcies banks could no longer protect themselves from bad credit . His passing of the Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930 made the cut of the Depression even deeper . This increase in import duties made the Depression hit Europe banks began to crash their as well . People didn 't have money...

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