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Discuss whether you think biological or social and cultural factors are more important in shaping gender roles.

That which Makes Him or Her

Virginia Woolf once asked , Why are women . so much more interesting to men than men are to women ' Did she ask the right question or is it the other way around like most men actually think ? In the modern day of this age , the world is immersed in complicated relationships that shape the very roles each person portrays . In the midst of it all , some assumptions are made turning society into a blur with respect to the very ideas that define gender roles . The world has changed

. People who want to have something said will ask a man . On the other hand , people who want something done will ask a woman . Therefore , allow me to state that the social factors that shape gender roles give far more influence than that of the cultural and biological ones

In society , gender roles are related largely to the set of acceptable standards in society . These standards define what is to be a female and what it is to be a male . Generally , the focus of how to understand gender roles is mostly dependent on the social , biological and cultural factors seen in every society . According to Reiter , this is due to the fact that gender is an essential part of the gender or sex system . Every society and community holds a gender or sex system in which its characteristics will mostly be different in all aspects (Reiter 1975 . Thus , for every country , nation or culture , there are certain social , biological and cultural influences only relevant and limited to that time and place

There are so many ways and guidelines which influence gender roles . A large chunk of the social influence is about the interactions and relationships people have with one another . A person 's family , friends peers or community are the models and critiques a person has to follow or copy in to fit in . There are proper ' ways in which a man or a woman have to act with his family , friends , peers and community . Those people who cannot live up to these standards are labelled as outcasts or weirdoes . Moreover , television shows and films are society 's perfect role models of how they must act as a man and as a woman . The acting in shows and movies are transformed into the very roles each person plays with regard to their own genders . The essential point to why the social factor is the most influential is because of the need of every person to be accepted by the people around that person and the society where he or she lives in

The biological and cultural factors are not as influential as the social factor . First of all , the truth is that the sex in which a person is actually born does not directly determine his or her abilities or roles . The proponents of the biological factor say that , The biological influence proposes that the differences with respect to gender roles are rooted from the...

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