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Discuss and explain ICT services in a business environment

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Discuss and Explain ICT services in a Business Environment

Businesses today are beginning to realize and enjoy the full benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT ) across different segments of their operations . Technology is widely utilized as an enabler of business processes that enhances productivity by making daily activities faster and more effective . ICT applications can be applied to almost every aspect of the business that involves communication knowledge

transfer , marketing and networking . This study takes a look at the concept of ICT , the associated benefits and the enabling factors that help to facilitate its implementation and sustenance

ICT is a comprehensive term that is used to describe all information processing technologies and telecommunications devices . The internet , computers , mobile phones and fixed telephone lines are basic examples of devices that have been facilitated by ICT

ICT has changed the face of modern telecommunication devices by connecting people across the world so that businesses and countries can realize the full benefits of globalization and collaboration . ICT services provide solutions that equip businesses with tools to enhance their financial performance , efficiency , and optimal utilization of available resources . Computer systems are necessary for the facilitation of day to day transactions . ICT services also aim to design and implement systems that can meet and exceed the basic communication needs of clients and customers . It contributes significantly to identifying and sustaining economic...

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