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Paper Topic:

Discuss the RESPECTFUL counseling framework and the application of this model when counseling a vulnerable population. (Be specific using an identified vulnerable population)

Applying the Respectful Counseling Framework on Adolescents

The RESPECTFUL counseling framework is a relatively model that introduces a new way of perceiving individuals who are involved in the practice of counseling - those seeking assistance and practitioners such as counselors and psychologists . This framework involves two basic assumptions . The first involves the belief that the eventual aim of counseling is to enhance and develop the client 's improvement in all aspects . The second involves the recognition of the fact that human development is complex , multidimensional , and unique . Both assumptions are essential in

addressing the needs of adolescents , who are considered to be a vulnerable population in today 's society

The RESPECTFUL framework can be applied in the counseling of adolescents especially because it focuses on the following factor 's of an individual 's development (R ) religious-spiritual identity (E ethnic-cultural-racial background (S ) sexual identity (P psychological maturity (E ) economic class background (C chronological-developmental challenges (T ) threats to one 's personal well-being (F ) family history and dynamics (U ) unique physical characteristics , and (L ) location of residence (D 'Andrea Daniels 2000

This makes the RESPECTFUL model ideal in assessments for adolescents Adolescence is a stage in a person 's life of searching for one 's own identity . Counseling that addresses the basics , as stated by the RESPECTFUL model , are essential in helping that adolescent understand his or her identity . This is done through the identification of the factors that contribute to his or her background . Also , the RESPECTFUL model is an effective tool that will help practitioners identify the specific aspect of the adolescent 's life that is proving most problematic . The factors that the RESPECTFUL framework take into account are , in fact , ideal to the adolescent community who are most often confused about themselves and about the different things troubling them . Categorizing these as one of the factors in the model is a giant step towards resolution and growth


D 'Andrea , M Daniels , J (2000 . RESPECTFUL counseling : an integrative multidimensional model for counselors . The Intersection of Race , Class , and Gender in Multicultural Counseling , CA : Sage Publications , Inc

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