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Discuss Ebay


e-Bay 's Globalization Strategy (Name (School (Subject /Course


Premier online auction firm eBay is one company which has faced threats throughout its existence . Yet a large part of the company 's core competencies -- which have contributed immensely to its competitive edge and successful penetration of niche markets -- have enabled it to weather the challenges that have come its way and soar to phenomenal success . Today , with the rise of new online auction and shopping sites eBay finds itself seeking new ways to bolster its capacity to retain

and attract new customers and maintain market stronghold . The question that arises is whether eBay in the present age can rely on its brand strength , quality product array , large user base , and enhanced technology to regain its market leadership

e-Bay 's Globalization Strategy

The largest online auction firm , eBay , maintains viability in the highly competitive and volatile online retail business while focusing on its global international expansion thrusts through numerous strategies Among the most notable of its strategies is its expansion into key markets across the world . It penetrated Australia , Germany , and the U .K . in 1999 and then expanded to Japan a year later . However , eBay 's inability to gain market stronghold in Japan prompted the US online auctioneer to make a graceful exit in 2002 . The online aucton company had earlier also expanded to Canada , France , and Austria , to name some of the first few countries it set up business operations in

The firm 's overall thrust...

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