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Discribe and Evaluate the Autralian Competition Law


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Name : Course : University : Tutor : Date : Describe and Evaluate the Australian Competition Law Introduction States and countries have varied competition laws depending on the context and the nature of the business that is dominant in the locality . Competition law in the United States is referred to as antitrust law it has the same key objectives pursued by competition law[1] . European countries and specifically the European union has its own laws pursuing the same . The focus of this however shall be limited to the competition law in Australia . It will seek to focus at the prohibitions and objectives of this law , the problems raised by the law and the specific issues that it fails to encompass if there are any . It will also entail a comparison and a contrast of the same law as it exists in the United States and in Europe . Background information . Business competition is regulated by the Australian competition and consumer commission , it is an autonomous body established in 1995 out of the need and the necessity to bring together the then Australian Trade Practices Commission , a body charged with the responsibility of overseeing and regulating trade activities in Australia , and prices surveillance authority . The Trade Practices Act of 1974 is governed by this commission and is applied in the whole of Australia with no regard of the states ' or territories individual needs . The history of Australian competition law dates back to 1906 when it sought to control trade practices especially emanating from foreign owned business corporations . Before this regulation on trade and competition was done by the common law , which had by then become redundant . Competition laws since then were ineffective and did not attract much attention till in the 1960s when it was felt that the existing trade practices were becoming increasingly repressive of the social common welfare[2] . It was recognized...

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