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Discovery of Penicillin






Discovery of penicillin

Before discovery of penicillin , there was no successful treatment for communicable disease like rheumatoid factor , pneumonia and also gonorrhea . Hospitals were pilled with patients who had blood poisoning acquired through either a cut or scratch . Doctors could not do much as at the moment there was no effective treatment . In 1940s , penicillin was introduced . This discovery ushered in an antibiotic era . This medical breakthrough came as a result of combined efforts between the USA and UK . Penicillin discovery and

original recognition of its medical potential first occurred in the UK . Due to the Second World War development and large scale production was done in the United States

Discovery of penicillin

Penicillin is an antibiotic . Antibiotics are products of bacteria and fungi which have the ability to kill , inhibit or compete with microbial species that cause diseases . This idea had been in use long before discovery of penicillin like in the ancient Egypt where they used to apply a poultice of decaying bread on contaminated wounds . A real antibiotic was discovered in the year 1928 by Alexander Fleming who was a professor at the time of discovery in the field of Bacteriology at St Mary 's Hospital located in London (Kendall ,


Alexander had gone for a holiday after which he returned to the hospital he was working on September 3rd 1928 . He started examining Petri dishes that had colonies belonging to staphylococcus . While examining the Petri dishes , he noticed one that...

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