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Discipline in Secondary Schools

Discipline in Secondary Schools (A Research Proposal

Section 1 : Introduction

1 .1 Background of the Study

The schools and other educational institutions today are facing large problems regarding the issue on the students ' lack of self discipline resulting to under-achievements of the students in the school as well as violence within the school premises . How close are these two issues related to each other ? Mostly , the age-stage of which the student enters when he attends secondary school is ranged as the puberty stage of an individual 's growth . According to psychologists

, this particular stage of growth introduces an individual to several major decisions that he has to face along the way towards his maturity . Hence , confusion of priorities and aggravation of depression through the environment occurs (Coon , 1999 , 88

As reports could attest to this fact , it is not that hard to understand that there is an essential need of restructuring the procedures of the school when it comes to disciplining students who are attending secondary education . This is the reason why the researcher of this opted to discuss the issue mentioned . The timeliness of the research would indeed help in solving the problems at present especially with regards the issues of education , discipline and student achievements

1 .2 Significance of the Problem

The problem as mentioned earlier directly affects the achievements of the students in their schools . This means that because of the lack of discipline , the students of the secondary school level face the challenges of being misaligned when it comes to their focus and at some point become highly attracted to drugs and violence

This is the fact when it comes to school procedures . The actual reports that pertain to the said issue are indeed much disturbing and further more alarming to the institutional boards . As most of the schools affected by this dilemma are public educational institutions at [79 ] whilst Private schools are affected by at least [45 ] , it is indeed necessary to identify the reasons behind the incidents that lead to students ' lesser interest in school and a higher rate of attraction towards drugs and violence . Through the proceedings of this particular research , it is expected that the reasons behind the ongoing issue in schools would be further regulated and controlled by institutional administrations through the use of psychological and psychosocial motivation

1 .3 Research Questions

To be bale to attend to the most important issues related to this particular problem , the researcher decided to use the following questions as guidelines for the completion of this particular study

What are the primary sources of the discipline of the students ? Do those sources pertain to the personal or the social connection of the students to the society

How are students reacting to the discipline that they learn from their homes and from their environment ? What are the elements that are so far affecting the vision of the students towards their achievements in school as well as towards their future

How are drugs and...

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