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Paper Topic:

Disaster Prevention, relocation, incident response

br Laguna Beach City in California . It shows a government plan that aims to establish relocation when a disaster that requires an immediate evacuation occurs . Very simplistic does the plan seem , such that it states that every family [must] designate an out-of-state contact to help coordinate family reunion plans (City of Laguna Beach , 2006 ) when a major disaster strikes . The website visually looks like an advertisement for vacation places , but over-all , its content is simplistically relevant

To summarize , the three websites are shown in a much differentiated manner . The contents are

highly regarded as informational , although the focus of the contents of each site does not necessarily revolve in the headings that they have . The website for FEMA is probably the most informational among the three since it gives a comprehensive lay down of the activities and the coordinating groups that are needed in its functioning . Disaster and its adverse effects could be mitigated by individual preparedness . The starting point in disaster preparedness is to help your community by [first] preparing yourself (Canadian Red Cross , 2009 . Meanwhile , web sources are commonly relied upon in times of disasters , so it is important that these sources are able to provide comprehensive information that would help people in facing such risky situations


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