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Paper Topic:

Diffusion of Innovations

Running Head : Diffusion of Innovation






Diffusion of innovation

This refers to the process through which communication of an innovation takes place following well defined channels and paths over a certain time coverage and among members who are contained in a certain social system . According to the way diffusion of innovation has been defined over time by different scholars , it has been seen to encompass four elements which describe it clearly . The elements in this process include innovation , communication , time and social system

(Amendola , 1988 br


Innovation itself comprise of objects , practices or ideas which are comparatively new from an individual , organizational , social , national or international perspective . This perspective is accompanied by a form of communication which follows channels through which the advances are passed from one person to another . Diffusion of innovation process takes into consideration time aspects . It puts into consideration time factors such as innovation decision process , innovations rate of adoption and relative time which an individual or a group of persons takes to adopt the innovation . For the process to be accomplished there must exist a social system . This is composed of interrelated units engaged jointly in efforts to accomplish a common goal and problem solving (Amendola , 1988 br


Diffusion of innovation process does not take place at once but it depends on the nature of persons who are introduced to the process . As a result , persons have been classified according to the time they take before accepting the diffusion...

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