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Paper Topic:

Differences between male and female leadership styles


A Discussion on the Comparison of the Leadership Approach

Utilized by Men and Women at Work

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Being a leader requires many humane aspects in different personality region . Mainly , it requires psychological stability for holding together the team which is to be lead or the subordinates , mental capacity for making critical reasoning and proper judgment , and sociological for relating with the people within the team . Certain traits aside from these are also much required such as interpersonal charisma and pleasing personality . All of these

are vital in leadership because of the main fact that the people within the team will look up to him or her for the decisions , actions and guidance thus his or her responsibility is quite complex and morally challenging (Lashway , 1996 . Since being a leadership is an important task and it deals with people , performing it involves many moral and ethical aspects and if these issues are in contrast with the leader 's personal values then severe contradictions can occur . Thus , the personal ethics is important in playing the role of a leader because whatever the leader 's moral values are will reflect to his team thus influencing their performance and relationship

A classic example of ethical contradiction regarding leadership employment is the case of illicit job nature . To further elaborate , take the case where a person is faced with a moral question whether to take a leadership position in a cigarette corporation or a beverage one , which are unethical because of the nature of their products and the danger they posts to the society . Thus , making a decision regarding this matter requires ethical and moral evaluation on whether viewing this job as an employment one or an unethical one

By critical analysis , the society can actually see that most of the employments offered in the market today are unethical in one way or another . Take the job of junk food production , which are considered unhealthy , or the job of ice cream production , which is high on fats and sugar , or the job in a fast food corporation , which are one of the largest contributory of non-biodegradable waste products . The ethical aspect of a corporation solely depends on the perception and morality of the applicant

Before making a decision , critically analyzing the consequences and the action itself will provide some ethical enlightenment to the problem that is being faced . Though taking the job , which is considered unethical , would not compromise the moral values of the person , it will surely affect the conscience and the performance of the person and being a leader , this scenario would not posts pleasant environment Considering the impact of the unethical nature of the company would give the applicant a broader contextual perception of the dilemma (Center for Ethics and Business , 2006 . Who are the people that are affected by the cigarette production of the company or the people benefited by the massive production of liquors and other beverages ? Yes , they are the customers who are...

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