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Differences and Similarities between Christianity and Islam




Christianity and Islam : A Case for Comparison and Contrast

The world is a place marked with essential diversity . In particular one only has to take world religions as a composite phenomenon to best exemplify the diversified character of human affairs . But much too often , diversity can become a sure catalyst for misgivings and misunderstandings . This for instance happens when , still pertaining to religion , a person pits on belief system in respect to another , or someone tries to compare one set of doctrines against another . It is

thus not surprising to learn that religion was often , and is in fact currently being taken as an unwarranted cause for heated debates , if not for human conflicts all together

In view of the foregoing , it is insightful to note that roadmap of this study aims not at sowing seeds of religious division as collocating the interesting correspondences that may be gleaned from juxtaposing Christianity on the one side of the spectrum , and Islam on the other side of the spectrum . At the very least , the crux of this aims at pursuing a successful comparison and contrast between Christianity and Islam . In the process , this hopes to appreciate important strains of resemblances between the two religions in question , against the palpable differences that already define them . To this end , the central thesis of this lies in arguing that notwithstanding patent differences , Christianity and Islam can in fact manifest elements of correspondences , while upholding respectable uniqueness in their own...

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