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Difference between mainstream media and non-mainstream media

Running Head : Mainstream and non mainstream media






Basically , the media plays a vital role globally in formation of identities and democracies and the general informing of people the ongoing news . In these context , media can be divided into mainstream and non mainstream . The mainstream media are represented by newss usual magazines etc . which mostly concentrate on the local available news . The non mainstream media with a blogging culture are individual bloggers and other groups ' blogs e .g . Daily Kos in United States (Anup

br 2008 ) Normally in the event of news breaking , the mainstream media journalist and reporters do their best to reflect on the issues , however the mainstream media mostly rely on what they can see and hear and therefore have a low coverage of their news and reports . The non mainstream bloggers search for and wide for news reports and give the most salient ones to the people . Although both mainstream and non mainstream media are important in every country , the run mainstream media are coming up better nowadays than mainstream media . The must non mainstream media these days include forums and blogs and internet bulletins (Noam 1997

If for instance there is a bomb blast the hit a certain city . Both print media and broadcast media will report on the incidence . However the broadcast media in conjunction with non mainstream media will try to get to the bottom of the issue and come up with even biased reports as to why the incident happened . On the other hand the print media will bring the pictures and news of exactly what happened as the mainstream media and therefore no chance of biased reports . This kind of report availed by the media can affect the speech of reporting that incident This is because their biased way of blogging information and changing the facts on the ground can be represented in such a speech . In conclusion however much both mainstream and non mainstream media are important , news from them should be given precaution steps before releasing to the public


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Mainstream and non mainstream media...

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