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Developing the Leader Within You

Developing the Leader within You - By John Maxwell

Leadership is the ability to bring people together to dedicate themselves to a common goal . Leaders are able to effectively communicate and motivate the team to perform the set goals . In the book Developing the Leader within You John Maxwell describes how each and every individual can develop the leadership quality within them . He defines leadership as influence and it is the key to success . Influence is important because it helps to bring together followers . For instance all great leaders of the world had

great number of followers . Secondly the most important aspect of leadership is setting the priorities as it helps to reach the set goals . He says that 20 percent of the priorities will give 80 percent of production . The author has explained in great detail about how to prioritize based on the high importance /high low importance / low In the chapter three the author talks about integrity . He defines integrity as the state of being complete unified . All enduring philosophies , religions and thoughts are based on principles such as integrity , compassion , trust , honesty and accountability as the core of leadership . The author makes it very simple to understand various concepts of integrity in a simple way . Today leadership has become an urgent issue in most of the organizations as a consequence of rapidity and unpredictability of change . Organizations have to be well-organized more efficient , innovative and in the case of business they have to be far more competitive . Above all the workforce is changing . The author says the leaders also resist change as the followers do and an unchanged leader means an unchanged organization which is not a good sign . He emphasizes that change equals growth which is essential for an organization

Good leaders are made not born . It is important to realize that each individual has the potential in his /her own way to be a leader in their own fields . Leaders carry out process by applying their leadership attributes , such as beliefs , values , ethics , character , knowledge , and skills . Leadership differs in that it makes the followers want to achieve high goals , rather than simply bossing over them . The author also gives emphasis on qualities such as problem solving , positive attitude , creating a vision , self discipline and self development

The five main points I would like to concentrate for developing my leadership qualities are creating a vision for my self , being ready to change , focusing on developing my problem solving capabilities improving on my self discipline and lastly focusing on overall self development . I believe that the nursing profession needs all these capabilities as it is one of the most respected professions in the world and is facing several challenges . This book has inspired me a lot as it has broken down various ingredients of becoming a leader into simple achievable steps

Effective nursing leadership is the most important factors influencing the retention of nurses and the maintenance of quality nursing care It is important for nurses to...

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