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Designing a reward system

Designing a Reward System

In the structure of a human service organization , the success of the said group relies heavily on the performance of each individual belonging to the team in the aspects of performing their own respective tasks until the delivery of the envisioned quality service towards their customers . This quality service in turn will be replaced by both the good-faith revenue and the ideal image of the human service organization as reflected through the customers they have satisfied with . Because of this , the success of the said human organization significantly

depends on the individual performance of the people contributing to the collective service they are rendering to their customer . This is primarily the main determinant of the relationship rate of the human service organization and their prospective customers

Because of the importance of the performance of each individual in the human service organization , it is important that the management address well their human resource factor to realize their full optimum potential towards their collective organization performance . The management must be also to enticed and encouraged their human resource factor in performing their task well with the ideal dedication and positive perception towards their cause whether for profit interest or for goodwill reasons . The success in this aspect of human management relation will also promote the success factor of the said organization thus , certain approaches must be implemented . Among the common management approaches for this issue are addressing the particular needs and wants of the employee particularly those that will benefit their group such as promotion , incentives , salary increment , and other benefits . Collective , these are all addressed through the establishment of an effective reward system

The rewards system in a human service organization is deemed to be highly important particularly for the human resource group as this symbolizes the realization appreciation of the people 's significance in the organization . Through the reward system that the management aspect of the organization communicate their encouragement and appreciation towards the good performance level of the people in the group in the interest of developing a high enthusiasm and interest values in the human resource group . Normally , people who work in a human service organization have their own personal interest , which they want their respective organization to serve in exchange for their unyielding dedication towards their organization 's interest . Indeed , this is the main purpose of the rewards system manifesting as the fuel factor for the promotion of the performance and service inside the human service organization

Designing the reward system must be done in the interest of promoting the needs and wants of both parties involved in the dialogue . It must be noted that the normal salary and wage factor in the organization are outside the concern of this reward system thus , it must be focused on fulfilling the interest of the parties involved particularly the human resource group on top of the regular exchange dialogue . As the reward system is created to promote better productivity , better commensuration must be given however...

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