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Descriptive essay (pet dog or cat)

Benjamin C .Robinson



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Stucky the Playful Dog

I lie on the couch with the electric fan aimed at my sweaty body . It is the middle of one of the hottest summer days on the farm and I feel too lazy to do anything else except lie in the cool shade , drink ice cold water and take a dip in the nearby lake

I am beginning to doze off when I feel something wet nudge the open palm of my hand , hanging over the edge

of the couch . It is my dog Stucky . Stucky is my 2-year-old Golden Retriever mix dog . This is a strange dog . She has flesh colored fur that makes her seem like a naked mole rat at times and also makes her blend in with the marble flooring we have so that hearing her yelp because she was accidentally stepped on has almost become a daily routine for the people in my family . Stucky has certain traits that make her adorably cute . She was probably born as the runt of her litter . I think that because , if you compare her to a human being , she has a face only a mother could love . What with her cross bite jaw , ten nipples and an hernia that sticks out of her tummy after she eats , who else could love her ? My family did . Stucky is my pet in particular . I call her my toy dog at times . Toy dog , bull dog , doggie dog . it doesn 't matter what anybody calls her , as long as the intonation is loving and has the word dog at the end , she will come bouncing your way

She was given to us when she was 3 days old , her eyes barely opening She seemed to me , no bigger than a tennis ball at the time . She was so fragile that she shook every time she was picked up . We used a medicine dropper to feed her puppy formula for quite some time . We

already had an existing 3-dog family before Stucky came our way . Pokey is the father dog that has Lyka for his wife . Midge is their offspring Lyka took to Stucky almost the minute the pup

arrived at our doorstep . I don 't know how to explain it but Lyka seemed to adopt Stucky the moment she arrived . She protected the new pup and cleaned her as if she were part of her own litter . It amazed me to realize that Lyka had become a lactating dog after some time . We found out when , one time , Stucky was lying alongside Lyka and seemed to be nursing . I picked up the pup and milk immediately spurted out of Lyka 's nipples . I never realized that situations like that could happen till that moment

Anyway , Stucky has spent the past 2 years of her life trying to blend in with the already existing dog family . Unfortunately , All 3 dogs are 13 ,12 and 11 years ahead of her...

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