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Descriptive Essay of describing their first 24 hours in prison.

White Collar , Maximum Security

Myles Cutler

Myles Cutler

I heard my name but I didn 't want to respond . I was used to hearing my name being spoken pleasantly , almost reverently , by my friends , my family , and my employees . I was not used to being addressed so impatiently - by a corrections officer , no less . The reality of my situation was just beginning to sink in . As I stood up (awkwardly , due to the chains on my feet and handcuffs around my wrists ) and hobbled to the officer who had called my

name , I knew what was in store for me . I had sat on the same bench for three hours , waiting to be called . My back was stiff and my wrists were sore due to the heavy steel that encased them

I approached Officer Mackey , who told me that he was going to remove my handcuffs and leg manacles . I was to put my hands behind my back which is where they would go anytime I was out of my cell . My prison cell . Little by little , I was beginning to realize that this nightmare was real . Within the next hour , I would be led to a prison cell and kept there for the next eighteen months (with good behavior . As Officer Mackey removed the handcuffs from my wrists , I felt a sense of relief . I rubbed my wrists , surprised at just how much they ached . My ankles didn 't hurt as much , since the manacles went over my pants . Officer Mackey reminded me to keep my hands behind my back . When I complied , I was told to join the line to my right

I am not a habitual criminal . The process of being booked into a prison is completely unfamiliar to me . My life has always been one of comfort and hard work . I own (or owned , as it stands now ) one of the top investment firms in Los Angeles . I put in twelve hour days in to live the life of the wealthy and privileged . Before my arrest , I owned a Malibu mansion , several vehicles , a vacation home , and I was ready to put a down payment on a jet . Few of my friends and associates knew that I kept up my pace by snorting cocaine . I didn 't think of myself as being a drug user , I simply didn 't think about it until the day I was arrested while making a purchase . The district attorney wanted to make an example of me , and he succeeded . I was sentenced to three years in a maximum security prison

I was led to an area that looked like a locker room - without the lockers . There were benches and shower stalls without doors . I knew what was coming . Following instructions , I took a seat on the bench . A new corrections officer appeared . His name was Officer Taylor and he informed us (there were nine other men in the room ) that we needed to take off all of our clothes...

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