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A of Valid Measures of Team Effectiveness

A team according to Adair (1986 ) is more than just a group with a common aim . It is a group in which the contributions of individuals are seen as complementary . Collaborations , working together are the keynote of a team activity . Adair suggest that the test of a good (i .e . effective team is : `whether its members can work as a team while they are apart contributing to a sequence of activities rather than to a common task which requires their presence in one place at one time

Solution proposal in terms of theory

p The key variables that determine the relative effectiveness of groups in achieving their goals and satisfying the needs of their members . These variables , which have to be addressed if there is to be any chance of building a successful team , ACTAVIS managers should take them in consideration for creating the successful team . They are

The size of the group

The nature of the task

The environment in which the group operates

The leadership requirements of the group

The roles played by individual members

The knowledge , skill , motivations and other attributes of the group-members

The potential for / desirability of group cohesiveness

The work and social norms of the group

Adair emphasises the importance of careful selection of team members The key factors here for individuals are not only technical or professional competence , but also the ability to work as a team member and the possession of desirable personal attributes ' such as willingness to listen , flexibility of outlook , and the capacity to give and accept trust

Effective groups

In to create a successful team at ACTAVIS following steps should be taken

The atmosphere should be informal and relaxed

There should be much relevant discussion in which most members participate

The group task should be clearly understood and people are committed to achieving it

The members should listen to each other

Conflict is not avoided , but brought into the open and dealt with constructively

Most decisions are reached by consensus

Ideas are expressed freely and openly

Leadership does not always reside in the chairman , but is shared as appropriate

The group examines its own progress of behaviour

Just as the definition of basic human needs is a highly complex task , it naturally follows that there are no easy assumptions concerning what employees really want from the organisation . In various surveys , the following are some of the more typically specified wants

Pay : This want helps in satisfying physiological , security , and egoistic needs . The design of a monetary compensation system is exceedingly complex since it serves to satisfy multiple needs and cannot alone motivate the whole person

Security of job : Because of threats from technological change , this want is high on the list or priorities for many employees and labour unions The underlying need of general security is also high on the list of priorities in the suggested need hierarchy of Maslow

Congenial associates . This want issues from the social need of gregariousness and acceptance . Management can aid the process by...

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