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Describe the world you come from--your family, community or school and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations (500 words)

Although my world is defined by so many people , places , and events of them could best describe what I have become through the years than my family . In particular , the deep and distinct relationships that have been nurtured between me and both my father and my mother have strengthened my resolve throughout my academic and extracurricular life and given me the inspiration to seek out the excellent education that the University of California is known for

I have always seen my father as a great hero a dedicated fireman who risks himself

to help others and save lives . Beyond his admirable bravery which has been the focal point of my childhood hero-worship towards him , what made my respect for him grow even further as I grew up was his strength as a leader . Sometimes he would take me to his station and let me wear his captain 's helmet . I would listen to him give pep talks to his men . From the way that I observed his subordinates I could see that they were not just listening to him because they had to but because they wanted to . They wanted to hear him motivate them into doing a good job . They wanted to hear his occasional jokes that livened things up . They wanted to hear what he had to say because they genuinely looked up on him as their leader . I remember one occasion when his team rushed to a car-accident site to rescue a little girl . They were able to pull her out of the fiery wreckage but she did not survive long enough to reach the hospital . Many of my father 's men were terribly distraught by their apparent failure but he kept his own grief hidden so that he could lend them his strength and get them back on track . This model of leadership that my father embodies for me is what drives me in my own endeavors . As the captain of our swimming and water polo teams , I ensure that every member of the team can rely on me both as a teammate and as a leader . I provide direction for the teams I lead without having to dictate my will upon them

My mother is also a great inspiration in my life . She taught me how to be responsible for everything that I do . She inculcated the values of culture and tradition in me like dancing the Mexican folklorico or singing corridos . With her guidance , I excelled in my academics and nurtured an interest in volunteerism . I worked in the community on various projects and was eventually awarded by the city as a youth volunteer . She made me believe that I can be anything I want to be as long as I dedicate my life to fulfilling my aspirations

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be able to even submit my application to your prestigious university today without my loving parents ' guidance . That is how much they have shaped...

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