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Describe a turning point in your life , what happend?how did it change you?

People always say that in our lives , we commit just one mistake and this will forever ruin us . It is something or some action or someone that will make us regret everything that we have done in this lifetime But I say this is relative to the person experiencing it . They also say that with age is wisdom , the older the person is , the more mature and reliable he becomes because his experience speaks for these . Hence , the younger people lack the needed wisdom to decide for a lifetime of molding a character

that could withstand all challenges and trials that the future may bring . But I may have something to prove this otherwise

Celebrating twenty-one years of my life here on earth , I know I have been through the worst and the best of times . Although incomparable to those experiences of other older , more mature people , I can say that I may have been blessed to experience a milestone that changed my life forever . Other people may say that at this age , twenty-one , I may not have what life points or life experiences in to make a decision that could make or break me , but I know all I needed was one person to believe in me , and he is now my husband

He may not be perfect , he may not be the ideal partner in life , but I see way beyond these . I have only been with him for a year , but my life was never the same with him around . I was happy , for the first time in my life I knew it was different . I knew that I would never look at other men , nor would I want to be with other men . I envisioned my life to be just with my husband and nobody else , it 's him that I see growing old with me . And it 's amazing how this vision made me realize that I have not thought of any other men like this , I have not been able to see myself in the future with gray hair and children with other men , it was just with my husband . So after one year of going steady with him , I said yes to his proposal to wed me , we were now engaged

I could never be happier . Blissful walks at the park , watching the sunset together , calling me just to check how I was doing , sending me trifle gifts but I was satisfied with them , just the mere sound of his voice makes my stress all go away . He is my best friend , I confide in him everything and I trust him with this information . He is father and my brother he loves me unconditionally , no matter how many times I make mistakes he has the heart to forgive me and the soul to forget these mistakes . He is my counselor , he tells me what he thinks I should in times of troubles and he makes sure that I do the right thing...

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