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Paper Topic:

Describe the basic environments (legal, social, economic) in which a business operates.

This will therefore be capitalized on to guarantee international standards New technology and efficiency will also be used to lure more consumers into the new business

Demand for the business products

As indicated earlier , the region has recently experienced massive investments in the light industries that have great future potential As a result the , the current mail packaging and supplies businesses are not enough as some of the enterprises hire the services from outside the region . The region is also experiencing rampant population growth that makes the supply of the

products and immediate sale very necessary . The region therefore is endowed with high demand and holds great potential for success in this business

Legal , social and economic issues

Having decided to form the business as a partnership entity , the cooperation aggreement deeds will be of great importance . It will have to clearly establish how the business will be run and the mode of sharing profits by the different partners . Harmonization of the business with the current constitutional requirements will require time before the operating licenses are issued . Besides , the neighbors to the store will demand a serene environment that is less disturbing to them All the employees on the other hand will need adequate , standard payment and compensations for different activities . To add to that , the economic handles will be hard to tackle as they form the major key to success in the business . With the current capital being inadequate for full operation of the business , other sources like bank loans may be of great essence . All the different undertaking in the new business requires adequate finances for smooth and strong kick off


Strong consideration of all the accruing factors in the mail packaging and supplies business will ensure easy and faster operationalization to profitability . A holistic approach of...

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