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Describe some of the status symbols in American society today


Any object that is expensive or extremely rare and shows a person 's social standing is considered to be a status symbol . The words , status symbol ' were first used in 1955 but became increasingly popular when HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Vance_Packard " \o "Vance Packard " Vance Packard epitomized the words in his book HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /w /index .php ?title The_Status_Seekers action edi t " \o "The Status Seekers " The Status Seekers ' in 1959 . Status symbol differ from society to society and country to country . They also change

br with time , economic and technological development

In to be socially recognized and personally fulfilled many Americans are becoming status symbol hungry . Since the United States is a truly commercial society wealth and things that can be bought with wealth i .e . cars , houses , fine clothing and jewellery have become increasingly important for Americans

Luxury Cars that place the highest priority on the comfort of the driver have always been the rage for rich and savvy Americans . Ferarris Porshe , HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Dodge_Viper " \o "Dodge Viper " Dodge Viper and Lamborghin are just few of the high priced luxury cars owned by Americans . A relatively newer status symbol is a high priced gold and diamond encrusted cellphone . These cell phones range from 4350 to a whopping 310 ,000

Wearing clothes and accessories from designers such as Louis Vuitton Gucci , Prada , Michael Kors etc are also considered status symbols . Just like owning a designer dress or purse many Americans are also buying purebred dogs . Paris Hilton 's Chihuahua , usually dressed in designer duds is considered by many as the latest accessory

Expensive jewelry specially diamonds showcase a woman 's worth in the United States . It is often perceived that the size of the diamond tells another person about the state of your wealth . Vacation homes near beaches and mountainous areas are also considered status symbols . Many New Yorkers relax and enjoy at the Hampton in the summers . It is situated in Suffolk County , New York and owning a time share or a house in the Hamptons shows others how wealthy a person really is

Many American men consider a trophy wife as the biggest status symbol The trophy wife is an extremely beautiful younger woman married to an older sucessful man . She is never the first wife and has not helped in the husband 's success at all . Anna Nicole Smith at 26 married oil magnate HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /J ._Howard_Marshall " \o "J . Howard Marshall " J . Howard Marshall aged 89 and was known as his trophy wife

Status symbols are making it difficult for middle income families to survive . This American materialism is breeding desire for certain goods in Europe , the East and the Third World countries . These American status symbols have stirred a desire in individuals who want to rise from their humble beginnings and want to be regarded successful . Those who cant acquire them feel useless and powerless in their lives...

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