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Paper Topic:

Describe a role model in your life. Why do you admire and what have you learned from him or her?

Dr . Henry Kissinger served as a member of the Faculty of Harvard University , was the 56th Secretary of State of the United States received numerous awards for his books on foreign policy , and the founder of Kissinger Associates . The accomplishments that he made are truly amazing , and show the remarkable abilities that he had in the political arena . The list that I have made is far from conclusive , but still shows the foresight and abilities that Dr . Kissinger had . However the more impressive aspect of Dr . Kissinger is not simply the vast

accomplishments that he has made , but instead the admirable qualities he maintained while accomplishing these things . Dr . Kissinger is a role model that I have looked to for inspiration and direction in living according to high ethical standards

Dr . Kissinger 's achievements were significant . I especially admire his insight into the necessity of having strong , authoritative statesmen in America . His belief was that by having individuals of the highest quality , who were educated and prepared , the U .S . would lead to the strongest type of leadership . The leadership that he emphasized indicates strength through intelligent leadership , not simply highly active leadership . This belief led Dr . Kissinger to be nominated , and subsequently receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 . He was influential in establishing the cease fire in Vietnam , and setting up the withdrawal of U .S . troops from Vietnam . This accomplishment is representative of his belief that leadership must make intelligent decisions based on the best information possible , and not simply make choices because choices need to be made

As a political figure , Dr . Kissinger was an agent of globalization . He was led by instinct and experience , not a rigid model or an all encompassing theory . His success was built upon his decision to break free from a set mold of thought , and make choices that were aimed at the most success possible . This mentality has led individuals to admire Kissinger as a genius strategist . He simply chose to do things differently and refused to be swayed by individuals that were afraid of breaking a mold that had been established by tradition and time . His ability to see what was needed and what direction the US should move has truly shaped democracy in America and the way that political figures react in contemporary America

Dr . Kissinger is a valuable asset to American political leaders and continues to offer his substantial experience in times of significant need . He came to the U .S . from Germany and has maintained his ties to his birthplace , but has never lost a strong desire to see the U .S succeed in the political sphere . During many core foreign affairs , he played as a bridge model , a mediator , and connector between two different countries and cultures . This role continues today with his involvement with foreign policies and events . Shortly after the event of September 11 , 2001 he was asked to join a committee that would investigate the events that lead up to the tragedy...

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