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Describe the key themes and aspects of the Romantic Era – in your own words

The Romantic Period was a time of great change in history , but mostly this is reflected within the arts and culture of the time . It was a time when the industrialization of Europe was changing the way people lived shaking up their worlds and the way they viewed their place in it . With these changes came a shift in art and culture , from the logical reasoning of the Enlightenment to focus on individuality , freedom , and intense emotion of the Romantic age . The three most important aspects of romanticism are the focus on nature

, the influence of love , and the influence of myths and legends on the types of stories and music that was created during this period

With all of its focus on nature and emotion , the Romantic period was a time when focused their writing on emotion and nature . They viewed the world through the lens of feeling . Famous novels like Wuthering Heights , which focused on the emotion of the characters , the raging aspects of love instead of the philosophical ones explored during the Enlightenment , were the major themes used . Another important aspect was clinging to the wild , untamed natural aspects of the world because as the Industrial Revolution was happening around them , people were searching for the purity of the simpler times . The influence on myths and legends were extremely important as well , as many books were written that dealt with the tragedy and passion of historical legends and myths such as King Arthur

The Romantic era was a transitional time when people were faced with a more scientific , industrial world around them . Their reaction to this in their art , music and literature was a focus on those things were are untamed , unregulated , and impetuous , such as love and nature . The Romantic era was a rebellion against the logical reasoning on the Enlightenment , and a search for something more liberating in an industrialized world


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