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Paper Topic:

Describe how (1) individual attitudes, (2)values, (3) personality, (4) ethics, and (5) cultural differences influence organizational behavior


Organizations consist of different kinds of members . This means that these people have different attitudes , values , ethics , personalities and cultures . How these factors influence the organizational behavior is what we will be discussed in this essay

Studying or understanding how each factor affects or influences the organizational behavior is necessary to identify motivations needs of an organization as well as how they act in certain ways

We can define behavior as the actions of the people . Thus organizational

behavior can be defined as the study of the actions of the people at work and how they can be motivated to effectively work together . Behaviors are shaped by the culture and the environment of the people (Stepphen

. Robbins , 2006 ) Organizational behavior includes people as individuals , in work group and those collectively in the organization

One best example of organizational behavior would be the workplace . The focus here is the way each individual interact with each other in doing their jobs and how these interactions influence the whole organization In doing so , we will be able to understand why a person behaves this or that way and how their behaviors can be analyzed psychologically

Organizational study facilitates the process of explaining understanding , predicitng , maintaining , and changing individuals behavior in a setting of an organization . To do this , we should look at human behaviors in three perspective - psycological , sociological and organizational (Ratzburg , 2003

Pyschological analysis will help us examine the traits and characteristics of a human in relation with the personality that influence individual 's responses to the organizational environment . In sociological perspective , since organizations are also social systems and just merely technical systems , we may look at the interaction of small group or team environment . In organizational perpective , the impact or larger or wider organizational factors on each individual of the organization will be examined (Ratzburg , 2003

The interaction , as mentioned earlier , is consisted of the individuals attitudes , values , ethics and personalities as well as the cultural differences of the individuals

Attitude means evaluative statements either favorable or unfavorable which concerns objects , people and events (Stepphen

. Robbins , 2006 If we will associate this with the workplace , this is the way an individual acts towars objects such the projects or works assigned to him , towards a person such as his colleagues or co-workers and his supervisors and managers , towards events such as the everyday setting at work

Attitudes have different components - cognitive , affective and behavioral . Cognitive component is the knowledge , beliefs , opinions or information a person has . Meanwhile , affective component is the emotional aspect or the feelings of an attitude . Then , behavioral component is the physical part , the way to behave or to react towards an object or person (Stepphen

. Robbins , 2006 ) In a workplace , it is important that an employee has enough knowledge about the work assigned to him . Knowledge can be acquired but at least he should have basic knowledge about it

Now , the cummulative deposit...

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