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Describe the impact of Europeans on Native American (Indian) cultures and the impact of native cultures on Europeans. Then explain why it was or was not a good thing that European culture prevailed

While there were both positive and negative results from the cultural interactions between Native Americans and Europeans , their interaction was historically inevitable , and whether it was a good thing ' is irrelevant

The interaction of the European Old World with the culture and ecology of the New world brought numerous changes for the occupants of the New World . In terms of material goods , livestock in the form of horses , cows and pigs were brought to the New World by Europeans (Kennedy , Cohen Bailey , 2004 ) These animals became an integral part of the culture

of many Native American tribes , especially in the plains and the west Comanche and Apache Indians began to rely on horses to sustain a lifestyle of hunting and raiding , while Eastern Indians began domesticating livestock to supplement their farm proceeds (Kennedy Cohen Bailey , 2004 ) On the negative side , European also brought numerous diseases to the New World that wiped out a large portion of their population (Devevan , 1996 ) Smallpox , measles , influenza , typhus diphtheria and other diseases wreaked havoc among the natives because they did not have any immunity from previous exposure to these diseases (Kennedy , Cohen Bailey , 2004

European culture , economy and ecology also absorbed some elements of Native American life . An abundance of precious metals were found in the New World ' and brought back to Europe . New crops , such as corn potatoes , tobacco , beans , and chocolate , all of New World origins became staples of European diets (Kennedy , Cohen Bailey , 2004 ) The Europeans also learned farming techniques and...

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