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Describe your greatest achievement to date. What effect has this achievement had on others? (500-750 words)

Describe your greatest achievement to date . What effect has this achievement had on others

My greatest achievement so far is working at ABI School of Barbering and Cosmetology Inc , a beauty school in New York City as FA Director /Chief Administrator

I consider this to be my greatest achievement because this is a realization of a lifelong dream of going and working abroad . I was born and grew up in Odessa , a city in southwestern Ukraine . I have always aspired to see and live in another country that I took up a

Masters Degree in English language and literature , a 5 -year program at Odessa State University to prepare myself to the challenges of mingling and perhaps living with foreign people . I also studied Finances and Banking at Odessa State University of Economics

My stepping stone to have a taste of being in a foreign land was working for foreign employers . I got insights on other countries ' culture people and history . I even had the opportunity to travel and see other places abroad

Although I do not attribute luck to be the foundation of my success winning in a green card lottery paved my way to move to New York City . I tried to make it here . I worked in an entry position level first before I finally landed as Chief Administrator at ABI School of Barbering and Cosmetology Inc

When I was finally raised up to my position , I realized that all the efforts and preparations have finally paid off . I have even surpassed my goal and aspirations . I only wanted to work abroad and earn a living but I managed to have a job that affects many people . I help establish financial aids requirements , develop curriculum in multiple languages and take part in major school operations that I have put my educational background to its maximum use and even extended myself to others

Describe your greatest achievement to date . What effect has this achievement had on others ? Page 2

Working at ABI School of Barbering and Cosmetology Inc . and being competitive in my new chosen environment made my fellow Ukrainians proud of me . I grew up in a country with a people different from the ones I mingle with everyday . Yet , I have been privileged enough to lead these new people to their personal growth and even working with them as a team to achieve organizational targets and goals

My present status inspires people to dream and work for their dreams to come true . I achieved what I have aspired for because I worked hard and prepared for it . Benjamin Franklin said that diligence is the mother of good luck and if I have been lucky enough to have got what I have wanted , it is because I strived and worked hard for it . An achievement cannot be considered an achievement when it has not been challenged by tests of perseverance , determination and character

I have been grateful that I have been given the chance to see the...

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