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Describe your first day at your college

Describe your first day at your college

Going to college is a great fulfillment for every young individual . It is a dream actually to attend in college . I have many expectations and presumptions about college life . Anyways , my first day in college is very memorable . I wake up very early and prepare myself for a very big day that I am going to face . I happily check the things that I need to bring for my class . As I step in the school where I enroll , I suddenly notice that my heart bits

fast . It is a mixture of feelings of excitement and worries . Many thoughts have run into my mind and question myself what if I cannot make it or what . I really don 't know on what to expect , I have fear in my heart what life would bring to me since I am already in college , however I bravely conquer my worries . I can vividly remember that I am quite shy with those people I meet and I really don 't know on what to do . But then , I just told myself that I should always be positive and just do my part as a student . On the other hand , since I am not familiar with the facilities of the college , I tour myself and get acquainted with those facilities . I also check the rooms where I will be having my classes . Furthermore , in spite of being bashful , I am able to meet new friends and they help me go around the campus . I find out that my new set of friends is also my classmates and that makes me at peace and happy because at least I have met someone that I can go with for my second day of school and the rest of my college life . In addition , I also meet some of my professors and they are actually very nice and that relieves me a lot . After my first day experience , I have realized that college life is exciting and there are many good things to expect PAGE

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