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`Describe an experience you have had with someone from a new culture or different background. What makes this experience memorable?`






Date University

Culture can be defined as a way of life of an entire society . It defines who we are . It is reflected in the way we behave , our activities , the way we dress , language , our religion , rituals and foods It is passed from generation to generation through literature , music and dances and in the modern society in films and movies . Migration and interaction have characterized

the lifestyle in the modern society . In schools especially we are subjected to interact with other people who are diverse in terms of background and culture . Therefore , their lifestyle may be different from us . We need to appreciate and respect one another . We can only accomplish this by understanding the uniqueness of culture in a particular individual (Hofstede , G , 1997

I have a friend named Alexandra who is an Indian . Personally I was born in India but never thought to take any keen interest in Indian culture . Our friendship was motivated by this fact of having an Indian background and Alexandra being Indian . We shared a lot of stories and we became too close . She narrated a lot to me about India . I developed a strong interest on Indian way of life-culture . I asked a lot about Indian food , religion , music , dances dressing , rituals , language etc we even started going for Indian movies . One thing I liked about Indian culture was their music and dances . It is mainly performed as a form of leisure activities , in praising and in festivals . One of the major festivals in India is the Chennai music and dance . It is a celebration of classical music and dance in South India otherwise called ` 'Carnatic Music . It involves artists from allover India . It has it roots in devotion to gods and has been traditionally practiced since time in memorial . It is comprised of junior and senior artists . We came up with an idea of performing a dance . We a dance as the songs was a bit hard as it involved Indian languages . We informed our friends who became excited and decided to join us . Our second grade teacher Esther , was very supportive . She allowed us to perform and was thrilled with the idea . As the group leaders we needed a plan for the dance moves . My cousin , Keyzom , advised me on what we needed to do . She was great in Indian dances . We realized that we needed costumes Fortunately , Alexandra had a lot of outfits that were enough for the whole group . Both the girls and boys were sufficiently dressed . I had my own golden blue costume from cousin Sonam

And finally , here was the day of the performance . It was beautiful day but I was a little nervous at fast especially because I was the first to line up . The dance was great and as it progressed , all my attention and conscience was drawn into the...

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