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Describe the beach during the day and at night

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The beach during the day and at night : a

Ask any couple about a romantic place and more than often you will hear the word beach . Beaches are the most romantic places , and the most sought after destinations on the list of tourists . There are many ways of experiencing the joy of beach , first of which is visiting it during different hours of the day . And even in a moon light night , beaches have been the places of spending


In present work , we will explore the different aspects of a beach noticed at different times . To give a start to the thorough of the beach , there are three main hours of visiting a beach : in the morning for jogging , in the evening for the sunset , and in the full moon night

To start the day at the beach with a cool breeze blowing from the ocean on to the face is quite inspiring . In the morning time , beach is still fresh with less crowd and only health conscious joggers mark their presence at the beach . The sun is not out yet so the fresh and cold breeze stays till the sunrise , giving ample time for people to stroll the length of the beach and then be home to start their day . After the freshness from the morning gone , it is time when the things heat up in the literal sense of the word . There are many water sports like speed boats and cruise etc . all lined up to cater to the tourists . On the beaches , during the day , there is appreciable head count and also there is necessarily a nearby market (close to the coastline ) which provides people with shells and other oceanic jewellery and ornaments made from the shells etc taken out from the sea shores itself . There are also a lot many tattoo shops with shop owners showcasing their individual talents right on their own bodies to watch . A coast line is a very important part of any beach , the type of coastline determines the number of tourists it can attract . The beach sand starts getting hotter as the day progresses . The waves striking on the beach line feels like they are calling us to play with them and no one can resist the temptation of being a bit playful with water (instead , no one wants to miss the chance of happening to visit a beach during the day and not playing with the waves inside the water

As the day progresses towards the afternoon , there are lots of cold drinks (like coconuts and lime juices ) to cater to the thirsty crowd of people playing many different games there like beach cricket , beach football , Frisbee or simply enjoying the hot sun lying on the back or otherwise to soak the sun on to the skin . Beach is a place where you can enjoy a nice day with the whole family and cruise ships take...

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